Travel “Worldwide” in Beijing | Elementary School Autumn Outing

“The world is so big, we need to take a look!”.

On October 26th, the students of Class K and the first grade from elementary school of Kaiwen

came to the World Park to visit the miniature version of the world’s historical sites

and enjoy a wonderful experience of “Travel around the world.”





A group photo taking at the entrance of the World Park recorded my first autumn outing in Kaiwen.





Along the territory of the five continents, the students started a journey to the civilization of human architecture.





Passing through the Arc de Triomphe,

which carries countless glory, the students walked into the classical and elegant European landscape.

The Roman arena, away from the past hustle and bustle, the leaning tower of Pisa,

the holy and mysterious St. Peter’s Basilica, and the beautiful Moscow Red Square were all in sight.



“I know, this is the Statue of Liberty!”, a child of Class K replied excitedly.

The American landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, the White House,

the Aerospace Center, and Manhattan were very familiar to the students.

They shared their travel experiences while visiting.




“Does the Sphinx really exist?” “Is there a lot of treasures in the Egyptian pyramid?”

“What is the Maori hut made of ?”…

The students showed infinitely curious about the mysterious African continent.

The teachers patiently answered their questions and told them history of the development of African civilization.




The glorious Taj Mahal, the golden Yangon Pagoda,

and the Grand Palace, reflecting the vicissitudes of history,

a series of interesting stories and lively characters made the students lingering on the Asian scenic spots.




The students watched the song and dance performances of “ the world are one family” ,

feeling the exotic style; participated in the funny clown performance,

dancing with the music and getting close interaction with the elephant.





Although the students visited for more than five hours and very tired,

they were still full of interest and longing for more.

The children of Class K said: “The ‘world’ is really too big!”




The outdoor class not only allows the students to learn about the development

and changes of human civilization and the characteristics of different cultures in the world,

but also makes the students enjoy traveling together.





“I saw the Notre Dame de Paris, is there living the beautiful girl and ugly bell-ringer?”

“I am super happy because it is my first time I come out with the whole class for an autumn outing. ”

“I like the Trojan horse the most!”

“In the African tribe, there are so many pillars with totems. It’s so cool.”

Look! Every little face has a big smile.